Great news: Longcheer Group 's monthly shipments in June exceeded 9 million units

Congratulations to Longcheer Group for a record high of two consecutive months in May and June, and the monthly shipments in June exceeded 9 million units! Among them, smartphones and tablets shipped 7 million units, and IoT intelligent hardware products shipped 2 million units.

Longcheer has always been committed to meeting the needs of customers and ensuring the success of the customers. Comprehensively increase investment in all aspects, and achieve continuous progress in research and development, delivery, and quality capabilities. Longcheer will celebrate our 16th anniversary in July, and the factories in Nanchang and Huizhou will start operation in August. Our manufacturing capacity will scale significantly making us one of the top producers in the industry.   Thank you Longcheer team for working hard to meet planned milestones and continued cooperation toward achieving a higher goal.