Longcheer won the 2018 Shanghai Top 100 Enterprises

On August 24th, the 2018 Shanghai Top 100 Enterprises Conference was held. At this press conference, Longcheer was awarded the top 100 Shanghai enterprises. Since Longcheer won the Shanghai Top 100 Enterprises in 2016, this is the third consecutive year that Longcheer has won the top 100 Shanghai enterprises.  

It is reported that the 2018 Shanghai Top 100 Enterprises Conference hosted by the Shanghai Enterprise Confederation, the Shanghai Entrepreneur Association and the Shanghai Economic Association at the Jinjiang Small Hall on the afternoon of August 24. More than 300 people are invited to attend this Conference. 

This year, Longcheer won a total of 2018 Shanghai Top 100 Enterprises (No. 73), 2018 Shanghai Private Enterprises Top 100 (No. 28), 2018 Shanghai Service Industry Top 100 (No. 42), and 2018 Shanghai Private Service Industry Top 100 (No. 21). These four honors have been ranked higher than last year which means the development of the Longcheer in the past year, the comprehensive strength has been steadily improved.

The list of Shanghai Top 100 Enterprises has been published once a year, and it has become one of the most socially influential enterprises in Shanghai. It has played a positive and beneficial role in promoting Shanghai's “innovation-driven, transformational development” and promoting enterprises to become bigger and stronger.



The list is based on the company's operating income as the shortlisted standard. The comprehensive evaluation of indicators such as net profit, total assets, owner's equity, total tax payment, and research and development expenses which not only reflects the size of the enterprise, but also reflects the comprehensive strength of the enterprise.