Independent and powerful background support

The smart rear-view mirror has a separate operation system and operation space. Users can install any software, games, navigation and other third-party applications.

Smart and safe driving guarantee

幸运快三网站Through WIFI, data communication and other different network interactive entries, the system provides real-time driving records, GPS positioning, electronic speed reminder, reverse monitor, , ensuring an intelligent monitoring and safety protection in the process of driving.

Fast and accurate voice interaction

幸运快三网站Based on the network voice command library support, the smart rear-view mirror operating system can accurately parse and respond to user‘s voice commands, realizing intelligent man-vehicle interaction.

Various and convenient means of communication

幸运快三网站The combination of wireless Bluetooth technology and mobile phone enables functions such as: phone call answering, hanging up, no disturbing mode and chatting; Drivers can enjoy music and movies, which makes driving experience both easy and fun.