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iPhone is a product of the Apple brand. This huge electronic gadget manufacturing brand manufactures gadgets like minicomputers, mobile phones, laptops, etc. Innovation is the base of this brand as all gadgets by Apple are introduced with the latest and advanced features that you cannot find in any other brand. The quality of the product that Apple has to offer is what drives the financial success of Apple. From Apple Computers to Apple Keyboards, everything does its job fantabulously. The multi touch technology of this big brand is very user friendly and super easy to access.

iPhone is a high tech mobile phone of the modern world introduced with sensor-based technology. iPhones are creating hype in the market with high-resolution dual cameras, excellent processors, long-life battery, and a modern look. Are you also a trendy user of the iPhone? If yes, then you really have a good choice of products. And it is common to face a few issues with this feature loaded phones. Are you also struggling with major or minor issues with your iPhones? Then, without wasting even a single minute, dial iPhone Help Desk executive toll-free number to get professional Assistance from experts.

There is no Electronic Device in this world that doesn’t face any issue or trouble. And it’s common to face problems with your iPhone as well. Problems are common but not finding a better solution is more chaotic than anything else. So, we are here to assist you with result oriented solutions to eliminate all your chaos and problems. In case the problem is associated with crash of the software, then contacting the iPhone Customer Service Number is what we will recommend to you.

Common Problems faced with iPhones;

  • iPhone black screen
  • iPhone Reset
  • Trouble while resetting iPhone passcode
  • Troubleshooting
  • Trouble while connecting iPhone with Mac
  • iPhone Update
  • Backup of iPhone data

How to fix the iPhone black screen?

iPhone Black is a common issue faced by iPhone users. Want to know how to resolve this issue? If yes, then follow the below listed instructions till the end. Let’s get started without wasting even a single minute!

  • Press and hold the power and home button for a while or around 10 seconds until the apple logo appears on your phone screen. This is a good solution when you are unable to realize the actual cause of the problem.
  • Sometimes, when your phone battery is dead, then also black screen error occurs in the phone. So, plug in your phone to the charger and then press your phone’s home button to turn it on. In case the battery is completely dead, then wait for a while to get the phone charged.

If the issue is still there, we recommend you call the iPhone Helpline Number team to find a result-oriented solution to your problem. To help you resolve your iPhone errors, the team is available round the clock. So, you can call them anytime at your convenience.

How to Reset iPhone?

Reset issue is common for iPhones. Several users face the same issue with their phones as well. So, while keeping this common issue in mind, we are sharing an effective solution. To resolve the reset issue of your iPhone, follow the listed below instructions till the end!

  • Go to your phone setting, select General and keep scrolling down to find the Reset Option.
  • In the Reset Option, you will find multiple options. Select ‘All contents and setting’ and Erase all of them.
  • While carrying out this process, you will be asked to input your Apple ID and password to confirm you as an authenticated user.
  • After entering the Apple ID and Password, your phone will go into reboot mode and will take around 2 minutes to restart. Now, your home screen will appear on your phone.

If the issue is still unresolved, then you can contact iPhone Help Number for Expert advice on your problem. They will offer you a result-oriented solution to resolve your problem easily and efficiently.

How to Reset iPhone Password?

Once in a lifetime, almost everyone faces this password issue. We set a password for our account and then forget it in between the puzzle of other passwords. The same happens with iPhone Password. So, to help you reset the password of your iPhone, we are offering a step-by-step guide. There will be three different ways to reset your iPhone password. One is with the use of iTunes or iCloud and another is recovery mode. You can opt for any one of these at your convenience.

  • If you choose iTunes to reset your password, connect your phone with the PC you synced with.
  • Open iTunes, and if the password is required to proceed, then go with the Recovery Mode option.
  • Create a backup of your data and then restore. When backup is done, restore the data from iTunes.

To proceed with Recovery Mode, connect your iPhone with your system and restart your phone. While carrying out this process, you will find a recovery mode option.

  • You will find two different options. One will be upgrade and another will be restore. You choose Restore
  • Then, iTunes will download the software, and after that, you can set up your device

If you are not satisfied with the solution, then get in touch with the Apple iPhone Helpline team to find the expert solution to your common problem.

Why Should You Choose to Get Assistance on iPhone Customer Service Phone Number?

If you want an instant solution for the issue encountered on your iPhone, there is no better option than getting in touch with the iPhone Customer Service Team. They provide Expert Assistance to resolve your issue from the root level so that you never encounter the same issue in the near future. The iPhone Helpline Number has a toll free number that is available round the clock to offer services anytime to their customers. There are different modes of Assistance that the iPhone help Number Team have to offer to its customers. You can get online Assistance, phone assistance, live chat assistance and mail or Call too.

Followings are a few Official Contact Numbers of the iPhone Help Desk Team to resolve your queries and Concerns:

+1(408) 961-1560

10600 North Tantau Avenue Cupertino, CA 95014

Region California ,Cupertino ,