Steps to Connect Bellsouth Customer Service and Email Settings on iPhone and Outlook

Bellsouth Corporation is an American telecom company that provides email services for communication established in few places like Atlanta, Georgia, etc. This email was merged with the AT&T email service in 2006. This combined company has regained the name of AT&T. Its users may face a lot of issues while using Bellsouth email. Therefore, it is an excellent method to connect with Bellsouth Customer Service that offers essential and correct information to the email services.

Few features of the Bellsouth email service are listed below.

  • This email account is in creation with a personal address book which maintains all email accounts addresses to get business cards and so on
  • They provide free and personalized email service
  • Bellsouth email is very easy to configure and user-friendly that requires no specialized programs.

Steps to Get Bellsouth Email on iPhone

Bellsouth email service is now an ATT email to communicate between professional and personal contacts. Suppose you don’t know how to configure Bellsouth email on your iPhone, then follow the below-given steps.

  • Move to the Settings icon on iPhone
  • Press on mail, contacts, calendars option
  • Now, press on the Add account option
  • Choose another option under it
  • Now press on the Add mail account
  • Type your account name or Bellsouth email password in the given field
  • Now press on the POP option
  • Type as the hostname and your account user’s name and password under the Outgoing mail server option
  • Type as the Host Name in your account’s username and password
  • Now press on the Save option
  • Access advanced option
  • Turn on your incoming uses SSL and outgoing uses SSL option
  • Type 995 for incoming port and 465 for outgoing port
  • Now, store it.

This email configures Bellsouth email on your iPhone. Suppose you have any issue, you must call Bellsouth customer service with appropriate guidance.

Methods to Configure Bellsouth Email Settings for Outlook

Suppose you wish to configure Bellsouth email account on Outlook, few steps are given below.

  • Move to the file option in your Outlook account
  • Choose Add Account
  • Now, choose manual to configure server settings
  • Press next
  • Now, choose Yes for the next window
  • Now, type Bellsouth email address and account name
  • Now, choose IMAP and POP
  • Type for the incoming mail server
  • Type for the outgoing mail server
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Now, move to the Advanced option
  • Type 995 as incoming server port number for POP3 and 465 for outgoing server port
  • Activate the “use the following type encrypted connection” option in the SSL section
  • Now store the changes.

The above steps are for Bellsouth email settings for Outlook. Suppose you have any doubt or can’t implement Bellsouth email settings appropriately, then you must dial the Bellsouth customer service number for appropriate guidance.

Steps to Recover Bellsouth Email Password

Some points are given below to continue the recovery of the Bellsouth email address.

  • First of all, access Bellsouth official website
  • Now, enter Bellsouth email address and password and now press the Sign-in button
  • Now press on recovering your password
  • Enter Bellsouth email Id above and then press the Next
  • Next, Yahoo will send a verification code on your temporary email to get back your lost password
  • Then, press to change password and type a new password section
  • Now, enter the Bellsouth Id password
  • Press on submit button after entering Bellsouth password
  • Re-type the new password
  • Now, press the Store to save all the modifications.

Methods to Connect With A Live Chat Executive from Bellsouth Customer Service

Sometimes Bellsouth users may face an issue while using its services. Therefore, Bellsouth offers various choices to connect with the Bellsouth customer service team. Bellsouth customer service can be connected to live chat support directly as well as indirectly. Many people still love to contact a live person more. Suppose you wish to know various methods of connecting a live person through a Bellsouth customer support team, then go to the steps that are given below.

Steps to Connect to A Bellsouth Customer Service Live Person Via Phone

  • First of all, dial Bellsouth customer service phone number
  • Then, wait till the phone call get coupled with the network
  • Next, an automated voice will instruct you towards several services
  • Avoid all options until you have the choice of coupling with a live person
  • Now, your call will be redirected and received by a live technical expert
  • After that, share your queries with the executive that assist you towards an excellent solution.

Methods to Connect Bellsouth Customer Service Live Person Through Chat

  • Visit the official page of Bellsouth
  • Then, locate the live chatbox on the Bellsouth homepage
  • Now, access the chatbox and start mentioning your problems
  • Then, a live chat expert will offer you the appropriate solution via the chat box itself.

Therefore, you will receive an issue regarding connecting with the Bellsouth customer support team and get assistance from live chat support.
However, you can choose other inappropriate methods to receive assistance from Bellsouth technical team that includes options like support mail, help pages, etc.

Why Does Bellsouth Customer Service Number More Effective?

Various errors that users may face while resetting Bellsouth email password which can be an error in attaching an email to Outlook. You can get the proper assistance that provides you every type of support. Sometimes, customer service is hard to go through whereas other options are also available like live chat and emails where users can share the details of the error and they will receive a call back with an excellent solution.