Google Plus Customer Service to Resolve your Concerns and Queries

Google plus is widely recognized as a big Social Networking Tool which is designed and developed and introduced in the market by Google itself. There are a number of features of this tool which is adopted from a number of well-known web platforms like Picasa, pictures storing and sharing platform. More than half of its features are similar to various micro-blogging platforms. If you have never used any such platform and now you need to use Google Plus but don’t know how to use it, then dial the Google customer service phone number now to resolve all your concerns and queries in real-time.

At first, the Google Plus tool was introduced on the testing stage where a small group of users tested its proficiency during June 2011. Then, Google proceeded this process with preliminary users where they served them with an option to send invites to their contacts with whom they want to connect on Google+. From this point, it will be accessible to everyone and anyone. Below we are enlisting a few troubleshooting steps that you can use to get rid of the problems and errors that you may face while using Google Plus. If you have any other issue regarding this toll which is or listed here, then get in touch with the Google plus customer service number now.

Steps to Create Google Plus Community:

  • Log in to your Google+ account.
  • Go to the Home Menu of the Account.
  • Choose Communities Option.
  • Click on the option Create a Community.
  • Now, make a decision if you want to create a private or public community.
  • Make a final decision as you can’t change the community type afterward.
  • Choose a name for the community that you are creating.
  • You will be directed to the settings page.
  • Make sure to add a tagline for your community.
  • Fill all designated fields with appropriate details.
  • Click on Next every time you are done with filling the details that are appearing on your device screen.
  • Don’t forget to click on Save to save the details.
  • Now, you are all set with your own Google Plus Community.

These are very easy and quick steps that you can follow to easily create your Official Google Plus Account. It’s just a matter of time with professional guidance. Even after following the above mentioned steps, if you fail to create your Google Plus Account then get in touch with the Google Plus Customer Service Number now to resolve all your concerns and queries in real-time.

Steps to Set Google Plus URL

  • Log in to your Google Plus account.
  • Choose the Profile option from the account.
  • Go to the About section of the page.
  • Scroll till the end to find the header Google+ URL.
  • Click on the Get URL option available there.
  • You will find a few custom URLs there to choose from. To make them unique, you can add a few characters or letters.
  • click on the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Proceed with the verification process with the use of your Mobile Number.
  • When you are done with this process, you can add your URL to your profile.

If this doesn’t help you to set your google plus url, then we recommend you to connect with Google Plus helpline Number Team. They will provide professional assistance to you to address your concern or query effectively. So, what are you waiting for? Contact google plus help desk team now for experts assistance.