How to Fix Cogeco Email Not Working

Cogeco is an easy to use and set-up email service that provides the best services to its customers. The reason behind its popularity is its User-friendly interface. They provide a secure environment for you to access your emails with no fear of email theft. However, sometimes you face issues with accessing your email, but How to fix Cogeco Email not Working issue?

We have prepared a proper guide for you to help you out with all your Cogeco Email problems, but before that, let’s discuss a few things about it.

Advantages of using Cogeco Email

Cogeco is a great Email providing service with a number of Benefits, one of them being its User-friendly services and easy-to-use platform.

Other than that, when we talk about advantages, there are a lot like:

  • For its Residential customers, the company provides storage of almost 1 GB of data, and for the business customers, it is 2 GB+.
  • You have permission to access your email with any device of your choice at any time.
  • You can even create different folders for different types of emails and then organize them according to your choice.
  • The email service company also transfers your emails on its own, you just need to select the address.
  • And you can even save all your contacts, according to your need, in an address book.

NOTE: You can create, edit, modify, import and export your contacts in the address book as per your needs.

Why Is My Cogeco Email Account Not Working?

You sometimes get a temper, thinking about why your Cogeco webmail is not working. It’s not always the big problems, but the small ones too.
A few of them are :

1. Problem in your Network Connection

The Internet Connection issue is the most common and easy-to-handle problem people face. You panic when you can not access your Email or face issues while sending or receiving an email, and in that situation, you forget to check your Internet connection. It may be possible that the error is not from the email service provider’s side but from your Network Connection.

So, Check your network connection initially whenever you are facing an issue while accessing your Email To do so,

  • Open any Browser of your Choice
  • Type down any safe website, like Google.
  • Wait for a moment to check if you are able to access the website.
  • If there is any problem happening, it says that your Network Connection is Poor.

If there is no error in your Network Connection, and you are still facing the error while accessing your Cogeco Email, check the next step.

2. Check the Cogeco Email server.

If your Cogeco Email is not working, and you have to verify your internet connection to be great, then the chances are more that the Cogeco Email server is Down. However, it doesn’t happen that often, but you need to take care and check it when you are having issues with the Cogeco Email.

To check it out, you can follow the instructions:

  • Open A Browser.
  • Go to Google.
  • Enter Cogeco Email down today
  • And then hit the search button.

You will get your answer there on the top searches, but if you are not able to find your answer, then you can visit the website of Down detector, then search about Cogeco Email, you will get detailed information from their side.
After that, if the issue is still persistent, get connected with a local administrator to solve it.

3. Enhance your web browser

There can be another reason behind your Cogeco Email Error, and that is the presence of cookies and caches in your Browser. You can solve this issue just in a few clicks and check the Email again. To clear the cookies and cache, you have to work on your Browser and clear your complete browsing History.

Follow these steps:

  • Open your Browser.
  • Go to settings.
  • Then hit the Privacy option, followed by Security.
  • There you will find the Clear Browsing Data tab and hit it.
  • Or for Google Chrome specifically,
  • Open your Google Chrome,
  • Go to History and clear your Browsing data.
  • Then use Ctrl+Shift +Delete, shortcut keys, to remove everything.
    By following these processes, you can enhance your Browser and eliminate your problem.

4. Set Cogeco Email Server Settings

Verify your Cogeco Email IMAP or POP Setting. Identify if there is any error in your POP3 or IMAP settings, then contact a professional and ask for help.
You can contact us, too, to get a real-time solution.

5. Check your Cogeco Email Password

There are various times when you have entered the wrong password or forgot your password, which then creates issues in using the email service. So to eliminate that, simply change your password.

6. Inappropriate Email Activity

The reason can also be an issuable email activity to verify that you have to check all the recent activities in your email account and match with the Violation policy.
Check the Cogeco Email Password
There are various times when you have entered the wrong password or forgot your password, which then creates issues in using the email service. So to eliminate that, simply change your password.

7. Verify the Inactive Receipt Section

There are various times when the problem is the other receipt is inactive. The other receipt section should always be in active mode to send or receive an Email. There are many times when the issue is at the recipient’s end.

Why am I not receiving my Cogeco Emails?

Not receiving Email can cause serious problems in your life, as our life is completely dependent upon Email and the internet right now. Whether doctor’s prescription or our flight tickets, we get everything via our Email only. So if you are not able to revive your Cogeco Email, then,

1. Spam Setting

Check your spam box. The Spam folder contains all the unwanted and suspicious messages. Sometimes the Cogeco email sends your new and important Emails to the Spam folder, all by itself, on the basis of its own rule.

You can Un-spam it easily by the following process:

  • Go to the Spam Folder.
  • Select your Message.
  • Go to options.
  • Click on Move, followed by Move to and Inbox.
  • And you are Done!

2. Presence of Security Programs and Add-ons

The Presence of Antivirus or other add-ons can be another major reason, as they can create obstacles at the time of sending or receiving an email. So Disable all your security programs and antivirus temporarily to check if it can fix your Cogeco Email error.

3. Setting Issues

Check your setting and verify if your setting is properly enabled or not. If not, then work on it.

How To Fix Cogeco Email Problems? Simple Methods

To fix the Cogeco Email, you have to check a few details:

Check and verify your Cogeco Email Address

To send emails from your account, use your Cogeco Email address ( or your personal email address (

Set up the correct Cogeco Email settings

You also need to check the Email setting and set it correctly in case of any error.

For non-Cogeco email

Evey user has their domain host and outgoing server, they use it to send or receive emails from their Cogeco Email account.
Further, you can even contact us for more information.

For Cogeco email

You can contact us through email to set up your Cogeco Email address settings and know about it. We can help you in doing so.

Cogeco Email Settings for Android

To set up the Cogeco email address on your Android device, follow the given procedure.

  1. Open an Email app on your Android device.
  2. Then go to the menu option and hit on the settings.
  3. Now hit the Add Account option to add a Cogeco email setting.
  4. Click on the Other last option on the Setup email page.
  5. After that, add your full Cogeco email, now you will find a Manual
  6. Setup button at the bottom of the screen, hit it.
  7. Now from the list, choose the Personal account (IMAP), and provide your Cogeco email password.

Add the Cogeco Incoming mail Server information as:

  • Username: Your Full Cogeco email address
  • Password: Your Cogeco account password
  • IMAP server:
  • Security type: Yes
  • Port: 993
  • Then hit Next

8. Then add the Cogeco Outgoing mail server information, also

  • Username: Your Full Cogeco email address is your username
  • Password: Your Cogeco account password
  • SMTP server:
  • Port: 465
  • Security type: Yes
  • Then hit Next.
  • Decide your email check frequency according to your needs, or you can even ignore this step.


We expect with the help of this article, you can resolve your Cogeco email not working issue, but if you find the problem to be persistent, contact our Team of professionals. We are available 24*7 for you to help you out and solve your issues.


1. How can I reset my Cogeco email?

Follow these steps to change your Cogeco email password.

  • Go to My Account.
  • Hit the Login Button after entering all the Login Credentials.
  • Hit on the Services.
  • Then, on the Top menu, there will be an option for the Internet; select that.
  • Then in the Quick Links, there is an option to Manage my email address, hit on that.
  • Hit the three-dot present near the Address option, then select Edit.
  • Enter your New Password 2 times, and then Submit it.

2. Why are my emails not being received?

It might be possible that your Email is in the Spam folder or the Recipient’s mail server blocked the Email. ( A message sent on one server gets blocked on another server because the server finds it Doubtful. )

3. Is Cogeco email POP or IMAP?

To provide you access to use both Desktop and Mobile, gives IMAP access to your Cogeco email.

4. How do I get my Cogeco email?

To use your Cogeco email, hit the envelope icon present on the page.


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