What is Google Customer Service Phone Number?

Gmail is the most prominent email service offered by Google. This email service provides amazing compatibility and reliability to its users. Several users love to use the Gmail email service and they have their email account with Gmail.

Whenever users encounter Gmail not working error, then they can dial Google customer service number to fix this issue. Here, technical executives work effortlessly to assist the user through every possible method. Let’s go through some Gmail errors that are listed below.

  • How to create a Gmail account?
  • How to modify a Gmail username?
  • How to get a Google verification code for Gmail?
  • How to recover your forgotten password?

How to Create A Gmail Account?

Google customers can sign-up for their account with Gmail by going to the Gmail registration page. Few steps are given below to create a Gmail account.

  • Access the gmail.com
  • Press on the new user or sign up option
  • Fill a form with basic information on the next page
  • So, type the first name and then the last name
  • Create a unique Id as xyz@gmail.com The password must of 8 characters containing no personal detail
  • Give an alternate email Id or reputed phone number. It was never mandatory for the user in case of account recovery
  • Type the gender, birth date, and location
  • Click on the Next button
  • Upload a profile picture
  • Type the code mentioned in the box
  • Mark the check box to accept Terms and Conditions
  • Now, press on Create button.

Users have now signed up with a Gmail account successfully and they can access it anytime or anywhere.

How to Modify A Google Username?

  • After signing up an account if any user wishes to modify his/her username, then click on the gear icon available on the right-hand side of the inbox
  • From the drop-down menu, press on Settings
  • Click on the Account and Support button on the Settings page
  • Slide down and go to send email option
  • Here user can get their username and password
  • Press on URL to modify it as required
  • Press on the Save button to restore the setting.

How to Get Google Verification Code for Gmail?

In modern days, it has become possible to hack anyone’s account if these email accounts are not secured well. So, users must protect their accounts with a verification code. Let’s focus on its working.

  • Sign in to the Gmail account
  • Now, click the My Account button under the profile page
  • Press on Sign in and Security on the Account page
  • Slide down to the next page
  • A two-step verification procedure is switched-off
  • Switch it On
  • Users must enter their user Id and password for confirmation
  • Type a respective mobile number where Google can send the verification code
  • When you receive the code, type code in the given space
  • Now, users can access their accounts.

This verification code attaches additional security to your Gmail account. Once you have typed the password to sign in, a verification code will be sent to the mobile number given by you. Users must type the code to access the Gmail account. If anyone tries to open your Gmail account, he/she must enter a verification code. The verification code received on your mobile number will alert you about unauthorized access.

How to Recover Your Lost Password?

A forgotten password is the most common issue that every Gmail account user encounters. Don’t worry because you can recover your Gmail password.

  • Press on forgot password on the sign-in page
  • Choose forgot password option on the password reset page
  • Press next
  • Enter the user Id and type the code given in the box to inspect your identity
  • Once again you should press next
  • Press the option to receive the notification either at a mobile number or email address and then press Next
  • Examine the notification received and move ahead to recover your email password.

Call Google customer service number to rectify any issue in Gmail. Technical executives are available round the clock to provide impressive solutions to the eradication of Gmail errors.

Why Connect With Google Support Phone Number?

Google customer service is fully trained to fulfill your necessities and the technical experts’ team is available 24/7 to assist you. Users can connect to get the most satisfactory solution. Technical executives will guide users to resolve all errors associated with Gmail. For more information visit : easy-directory.com