Methods to Configure Google Business Account

Few decades before when the internet was unapproachable to every user, it was not essential to sign up for an email account for communication between contacts. But it has become as essential as food because almost billions of users have signed upon to have an email address. Business email addresses are considered professional addresses because these are used for communication between employees, employers, clients, etc. Google, one of the prominent company has developed its email which is known as Gmail.

It allows users to have their email account. It is a paid service. This service comes for fourteen days in a trial pack and after trial, you can select a suitable plan for yourself. Users can open the application on any device. When a user is not connected to the internet, you can access this email. Once the user experiences any problem with it, they should contact Google helpline number to rectify these issues.

Steps to Prepare A Google Business Account

Here you will get some effective steps about how to prepare a Google business account. Let’s focus on them.

  • Move to the official website of Google and press Sign-in
  • Press on Create An Account option under the Sign-in option
  • Then, you will see a Google Account sign-up form. Fill up blank spaces with accurate information
  • Go to choose your user name option where choose “I prefer to use my current email address”
  • After that, type your non-Gmail address
  • Then, press next and accept the company’s policy. Lastly, your business mail with your domain will be prepared successfully.

When you encounter trouble in configuring your email account, you must take the assistance of Google business support.

Steps to Modify Your Google Business Email Address

Modification of Google business email doesn’t require much time. This is an extremely simple task. Go through the following steps to modify the email address.

  • First of all, sign in with your Google Admin Console using an Admin account
  • Then, move to the user’s list
  • In such a list, search for the username that you want to change
  • Then, select user and press to rename the user

After going through these methods, modify the primary email address and first and last name of the user.

Google business email support has professional and qualified people who work professionally to rectify the error. Suppose you can’t modify the email address, connect with them to resolve the problem.

Methods to Modify Google Business Email Password

With various email account, it has become a problem to remember a lot of passwords. Suppose you have lost your Google business admin account password, there may be some issues because you can take care of your employees’ business account through the admin account. If you can’t remember your admin account, modify the password. This has never been a difficult job. When you face trouble in changing your business account password, you must connect with the Google support page to learn how to modify the password.