How do I Fix Telus Email Not Working?

With its headquarter in Canada, Telus, a telecommunication-based company, provides all the communication products and services like data, voice calls, internet, entertainment, and videos. They have both Wireless and Wireline available so that users can opt according to their preferences.In addition to everything else. However, there are times when the Telus user’s have complained about their Telus Email Not Working.

Telus also provides us with Email services, which one can access from different devices like mobile phones, tablets, or systems. They have a great user interface and a number of services. If you have a good internet connection, you can easily access it.

This doesn’t happen on a regular basis but whenever you face any problem like this, you need to work on the problem and remove the error quickly. But, How do I fix the Telus Email Not Working error? Is a problem you might have, right? To know about the error and its fixes, let’s discuss and understand about it in detail.

Reasons Behind SMTP Not Working

Before knowing about the fixes, you first need to understand what is the cause of the error so that you can select and try the fix. Below we have mentioned a few of the reasons which can cause issues while accessing your Telus Email.

Note: Check your Telus Gmail Settings to verify the working order is accurate.

1. Using Old Email App

You can face issues while sending or receiving an email if you are using an old or expired email App. In actuality, it creates issues within your email settings, making communication between Telus email servers difficult.

2. Incorrect Telus Email Configuration

Before going further with the fixes, you first need to go on your App and check the settings, if they are correct or not. If it is not right, you need to modify it and make changes according to the requirements.

3. Wrong Email details

There are various times when you enter the wrong login credential. This is the most common mistake which people who faces smtp Telus net not working make. So review your Email account and Password before hitting the submit button to avoid this mistake.

4. Poor Internet Connection

Poor internet connection is a common problem faced by most of the people. You get anxious when you are not able to send or receive an email, so you start searching for solutions, but before going for any technical solutions, you first need to check and verify your internet connection. There can be changes that the error is not because of any technical problem but from the network provider’s side.

5. Email server Down

If your Telus Email is not working, and you have check the internet connection even then there can be chances of error in the Telus Server. To know more about it, you have to use Google or Down Detector.

6. Presence of Firewall or other security software.

The presence of a firewall or Security software is important for the safety of your device, but sometimes, it also creates problems in accessing your Telus Email. They create an obstacle or block the ports which is important to send or receiving an email.

How to Resolve Telus Email Not Working EDrror.

Before going further with the fixes, check if your device needs an update or if it has any bugs, if everything is good and your issue is persistent, then follow our instructions.

Solution 1: Unblock SMTP Ports on your Firewall

To unblock the SMTP ports for your email on your Firewall is :

  • Open the window defender firewall in your system.
  • Hit Advanced Settings and select Inbound Rules.
  • Make a new rule for Telus SMTP
  • To open a port for your SMTP, Hit on the Choose Port option.
  • Hit the TCP tab and Enter port Number 465 there.

In a few countries, this port might get blocked, so you can choose a different port while traveling Internationally.

Note: You can use an alternative port, 25.

Solution 2: Check and Modify the Telus outgoing Mail server Configuration

To check, modify and set the telus outgoing mail server not working server error setting on your phone or your system, follow these steps.

  1. Open Settings, then go to Mail, Contact, and Calendars.
  2. Select your Email account from the given list.
  3. Look for SMTP Under your Outgoing Mail Settings.
  4. Check and verify that the primary server is set to
  5. Set the SSL to port 465.

Note: Check Telus Website every month to maintain the setting configuration properly.

Solution 3: Use a working Telus SMTP Port

Sometimes, you cannot access one port of Telus SMTP, i.e., the port is unavailable, for such a time, Telus has a number of Ports available for its users.

To change the SMTP server, follow the given instructions.

  1. Go to Settings, then open Mail, Contact, and Calendars.
  2. Hit on your Email account from the given list.
  3. Find the SMTP Under your Outgoing Mail Settings.
  4. Then verify that the primary server is set to
  5. Set the SSL to port 465.
  6. In the section of the port number, type 465.
  7. Or if even that is not working, enter 25 or 587.

Note: Check and verify if all these port numbers are open in your Firewall as well for an error-free experience. 

Solution 4: Verify the network connection

To check if there is a network error, which leads to your SMTP Telus net not working :

  • Open a Browser on your device
  • Type any safe website name, like Google.
  • Wait for a moment to check if you are able to access the website.
  1. If there is any problem you are facing while accessing the website, then it says that your Network Connection is Poor.
  2. If there is no issue in your Network Connection, but the problem is still persistent, Check out the next solution.

Solution 5: Try some other Email Client App

There are various different email client servers that you can use to access your Telus emails, a few of them are:

  • Outlook (It can be used on any of the iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Gmail (It can be used on iOS, Android, Web)
  • BlueMail (It cn be used on both iOS, Android)
  • Airmail(It can be used on iOS, Android)
  • Telus Webmail. (You can only use this with Web)

Note: Other than Telus Webmail, you have to work on the settings of each of these apps.

Solution 6: Check the Telus Email Server 

To check out if the SMTP Telus net is not working is due to the server, you can follow the instructions:

  • Open any Browser.
  • Go to Google.
  • Enter Telus Email down today
  • And then click on the search button.

Your answer will be present on the Top searches only. But if you don’t get the answer on the google search, then go to the down detector website, find Telus email not working problems there, to get detailed information.

Solution 7: Add your Account details on Smtp Settings again

At last, if nothing works, then check your account details again, there is a high chance that you have entered the wrong username and Password for the clients.

To check that and change:

  • Go to Settings, then hit Mail, Contact, and Calendars.
  • Select your Email account from the given list.
  • Search for SMTP Under your Outgoing Mail Settings.
  • After that, verify that the primary server is set to
  • Then, Set the SSL to port 465.
  • Check the username and Password now.
  • Remove it, and add it again.

Note: Make sure that Telus do not deactivate your Account. 

Telus Email is Not Working on Android Devices

To use Telus email on an Android device, you have to activate it by setting it up.

  • Go to the Menu tab.
  • Click on the Settings
  • Go to accounts and then hit Add Account
  • Choose the kind of Account you want to add to your device.
  • Then, type down your email address.
  • Enter your Password, and hit the Next Button
  • Enter a name for the Account. (This helps in the identification of the Account)
  • Enter the Name that you want to display when you send an Email.
  • Hit on Done.

Important: If your device doesn’t set up your email account on its own, do it manually.

  • Then choose the kind of Account.
  • Enter your Username.
  • Then again, enter your Password.
  • Provide IMAP or POP3 server name.

Note: If you don’t have details about these settings, you can contact us for help. 

  • Then choose a security Type. (None)
  • Hit the Next Button.
  • Enter the SMTP Server details.
  • Now choose a security type, again (None)
  • Enter the Port (25, 587, or 465 with SSL)

Important: For accounts, use port number 1025.

  • Tick on the check box if you are setting up your email account.
  • Then hit the Next tab.
  • At last set for email check frequency and set up your personal preferences
  • Hit on the next button.

And by this, your Telus email is set up on your Android device.

Telus Email is Not Working on Windows 10

To access the Telus email on your window, you have to set up the Telus email first.
To do so:

  • Search for the Windows 10 Start Button and choose All apps.
  • Then go through the whole list and then, Hit on the Mail.
  • After that, a welcome page will open on your screen, Click on the Get Started option.
  • Then on your screen, a “Connecting to a service” window appears, showing a new Google login window.
  • Fill in your Telus password there, then hit on the sign-in.
  • Hit on the Allow tab.
  • Then on your screen, there will be the text of “All Done”

Telus Email is Not Working on iPhone

Again, if your SMTP Telus net is not working on your iPhone, you need to set it up properly on your device. To do so:

Note: You must have your Email account and Password to log in to your Telus account.

  • Hit on the Setting button, followed by Accounts & Password.
  • Then hit the Add account.
  • Click on Other
  • Then Hit on the Add email account.
  • Fill in your Name, Password, and description in the respective boxes.
  • Hit on the Next Button.

After this, the Mail will try to search for your Email settings to finish your account setup properly. If the process is done, click on the Done button to complete the process.

If your email settings do not appear in search of Mail, then you must fill them manually.

  • Enter an email and Password in the required boxes.
  • Hit on Next and
  • Select IMAP for another account.
  1. If the whole mail setting is proper, then click on Save to end the process.
  2. If the Email setting is incorrect, edit it accordingly.

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If you tried all of them and none work for you and you are still stuck with the smtp Telus net not working error, then you can contact us any time. Our team, full of experts, are available around the clock to help you out. Along with their experience and knowledge, they will resolve your issue quickly.

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