How to update your iPhone

Quick and Easy Steps to Update your iPhone

Still hanging with the old version of iOS on your iPhone? Please, don’t be this unfair to your device. In June 2021, Apple announced its latest major update, which arrived on 20 September 2021. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and update your iPhone with the latest iOS version to amaze yourself with the latest and super advanced features. iOS 15, introduced by Apple is more focused on the security issue of devices. The main concern of this latest version is to fix a number of bugs and security issues. If you are still using your device with the old version of iOS, then we are very sure that you also must be tackling a lot of security issues with your device. Stop struggling and update iOS on iPhone now!

This new update will clear different security flaws from your device, which was causing a lot of exploitation for users. If you are still not going to update your phone with the Latest iOS Version, then it will ultimately make your device vulnerable to a high risk of security. So, if you don’t want to compromise on the security of your data and device, then go and update your device now!

Wondering how to update your device Update iOS on iPhone? If yes, then drop all your worries now as we are here to resolve all your issues associated with iPhone in real-time. Here, we are mentioning quick and easy steps to update your iPhone in just a few minutes. So, start following this step-by-step guide without skipping even a single step!

There are two ways to update your iPhone, one is automatic and another is manual. Choose any of them as per your convenience.

Step By Step Guide to Update iPhone Automatically

Step 1: Go to the Setting App of your device.

Step 2: Click on General Option.

Step 3: Find software update in the General category and click on that.

Step 5: Click on the Automatic Update option available on Software Update Page.

Step 6: For automatic update, make sure that Download iOS Updates and Install iOS Updates buttons are turned on.

Now, your device will get updated automatically without taking any pain at all.

Step By Step Guide to Update iPhone Manually

Step 1: Go to the Settings app of your device and click on the General option available on that page.

Step 2: Now, go to the software update option to find if there is any update available for your iPhone or not.

Step 3: If an update is available, then click on Download and Install option available there.

Step 4: Wait while the update downloads on your phone.

Step 5: When an update is downloaded, click on the install option to initiate the update process.

We hope that the above mentioned step by step guide helped you to successfully update iOS on iPhone as per your convenience. If not, then there can be multiple reasons for which you may be unable to update your phone.

Troubleshoot some common issues related to iPhone Update

Incompatible Device for Update

Sometimes, the update is available for only specific models of iPhone. So, there is the possibility that your iPhone Model is not compatible with the update.

Insufficient Storage

Insufficient storage can also be the reason for which your device is unable to get updated with the latest version of iOS. So, before proceeding with the update, make sure that your device has enough storage for this update.

Active Internet Connection via WIFI and Well Charged Phone Battery

Sometimes, the small things also can cause big problems. So, we always advise you to keep your device update ready with an active wifi connection and at least 50% charged battery.

Restart the Device

Even after trying out all above mentioned ways of troubleshooting, you fail to update your device, then we will recommend you to turn off your device and then restart. The restart of the device is the solution to a number of problems.

If you are still troubled with the same issue, then get in touch with the iPhone Customer Support service via the iPhone Customer Care toll free number. A dedicated customer executive will serve you with professional assistance to help you update your phone successfully. Contact iPhone Customer Service now to deal with your problem in real time!

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