I Forgot My Toshiba Laptop Password Windows

It’s particularly common thinking that there are always several solutions for various critical situations but it’s not the full reality. For the moment, you wish to recover your Windows password despite any computer brand, the recovery methods will be similar for all. However, if you are a Toshiba user and lost your password, no need to worry because we have consisted multiple solutions for how to unlock the Toshiba Laptop Forgot Password issue.

Although, windows have their solutions but most of the time you use third-party software to reconfigure your Windows password. If you will browse to resetting methods for the Toshiba laptop password, you will get thousands of results for how to recover your Toshiba password using multiple software and selecting the appropriate one is an art. Here, we have made your recovery selection easy by proposing an agile and quick recovery tool for Toshiba password reset. In addition, you can also explore other methods apart from recovery software to reconfigure the Toshiba laptop password.

Recovery Methods for Re configuring Toshiba Laptop Password

A few recovery procedures are given below to reset the Toshiba computer password.

Method -1 Reconfigure Password on Toshiba Computer Without a Disk

You must understand how the Safe Mode procedure can assist you in recovering your Toshiba computer password. A Safe Mode utilizes limited system services and ignores the large Windows password. The basic procedure of Safe Mode in Windows is used to detect and repair system crash issues but used to reconfigure Windows passwords in case you have lost the password. If you are observing for a free approach to reconfigure the Toshiba computer password, then here is the solution given. Let’s observe how to reconfigure Toshiba Computer without a disk.

Move to Toshiba log on to a computer screen and type the last password that you remember but it appears with the similar outcomes of the wrong password. Then, you have to go with Windows Safe Mode to reconfigure the lost password. Hold the Shift key and select the Restart option to enter into the Windows recovery menu from the power icon at the right bottom. Remember if you don’t hold the Shift key, it will never take you to the recovery menu.

  • Choose the Troubleshoot option from the Choose an option screen
  • Press on the Advanced option and you will observe three different actions
  • Press on the Startup Settings link to enter the Safe Mode
  • Tap the Restart button from the bottom to move ahead towards the Safe Mode without choosing any action
  • After your Toshiba computer reboots, observe a start-up setting with multiple selections. Enter into Safe Mode with the command prompt, tap F6 into the Safe Mode with the command prompt.

Your Toshiba computer will now resume and observe a command prompt window instead of a normal login screen at your computer or laptop. Apart from Windows password reset, you can perform other major operations on this window like access Registry Editor (regedit.exe), the Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) and Task Manager (taskmgr.exe). Activate the following command to reconfigure the locked computer password.

After getting the successful message on the screen, tap ALT+CTRL+DEL to again move up to the Startup settings screen. Reboot your computer or laptop once again to observe the results. Log in to Windows with the newly prepared password.

Method – 2 Move into the Toshiba Computer with Windows Password


Windows Password Reconfiguration is an attractive Windows password recovery tool and moves above with the expected results. It is a tool with a clear user interface and robust recovery speed. Another objective of Windows password reconfiguration offers four multiple editions regarding user requirements. You will also get strong user reviews on the internet that proves its efficiency and excellence.


  • Extract local Admin password and standard user account password for Windows
  • Restore Domain Administrator Account Password for your windows server
  • Able to restore Windows 8 or 10 Microsoft account password
  • It lets you to create a new Administrator account without any Windows password
  • Assist all popular operating system manufacturers other than Toshiba, including IBM, HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, etc.
  • Assisted Windows versions like Windows 8.1, 8.7, Vista XP, 2000, NT, 10, etc.

Go through this easy procedure into the Toshiba computer password with Windows password configuration. Download any edition of Windows password reconfiguration and establish it on an accessible operating system. After the establishment, install the software and choose a device to create a Windows password reconfiguration disk. Select either the USB device or CD or DVD to generate a password reconfiguration disk. Insert the USB drive into the computer’s port if you have selected the USB device. Then, tap the Begin Burning button. Input CD or DVD drive into the system’s CD-ROM if you have selected the CD or DVD device to create the reconfiguration disk. Then, tap the Begin Burning button. Delete the media drive from the system as soon as you observe the boot completion message on the computer screen. Input this newly created password reconfiguration disk into the victim Toshiba laptop and then tap the restart button. Click the F12 to enter the Boot menu as soon as the Toshiba symbol shows, then observe the bootable media drive in the Boot menu. Next, wait for the Windows Password reconfiguration Software welcome screen to come. First of all, choose the target Windows operating system, then select the user account whose password you wish to restore. Tap the Restore button and it will delete the previous password from the computer. Tap the Reboot and wait for the resume. Eliminate the password restoration once the following notification comes up on the screen and tap Yes to resume your Toshiba laptop. After that, log in to Windows without any password.



If you have any issue in following the above steps for Toshiba computer Windows password reset, call Toshiba Helpline Number to get some accurate tips. Toshiba customer support center is opened 24/7 to assist you. Toshiba technical experts are capable, experienced and professional to resolve every issue in Toshiba computer. Get quick help via call, email or chat.

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