Reset Microsoft Account Password

If you’re encountering a problem in logging in to your Microsoft account, there can be various factors behind it like can’t remember your password, switched on two-step verification, or visiting or utilizing a new device. A few suggestions are mentioned below that can assist you to reset Microsoft account as soon as possible. First, go to a few easiest factors.

  • If you have memorized your password but not working, confirm that the Caps Lock button is switched off or email address is mentioned correctly without any missing word or spelling
  • Login to your Microsoft account with a separate browser or delete your browser history.

If you can’t restore your Microsoft account after following these steps, reset your password or observe any of these steps apply to you.

Lost Your Microsoft Account Password, Recover It

Go through the below steps and make a new one.

  • Move to the Reset Your Password page
  • Select the reason you require your password reset, then tap Next
  • Mention your email or phone number or Skype Id used during the creation of your Microsoft account. This can be an email address or an email ending in a Microsoft domain like or
  • Mention the characters you observe on your screen, then tap Next
  • If you have received a security detail in your account, you will get a one-time code at your temporary email address or mobile number that you have already provided to Microsoft. After entering the code on the next screen, now you can reset your Microsoft account password.

Reset Microsoft Account Password

It also happens that with the change of account settings, you can’t log in to your Microsoft account and reset password also doesn’t work. If you have recently switched-on two-step verification. Suppose you have taken an extra security step by switching on two-step verification, a few apps and devices will inform you that your password is wrong. Instead of your regular password, use an app password to enter in.

Lost Microsoft Account Password and Can’t Receive Security Code

If you can’t receive a security code

If you haven’t received security details at your alternate address or mobile number, tap I didn’t get a code option when you’re asked for a code during login, tap on I haven’t access to this option when you’re recreating your password, then go through a few instructions.

You may be requested for a security question. You will be requested for details like the subject lines of the email you recently delivered from your Microsoft account, your date of birth, card information and other details only you will recognize. You need not to recognize every reply, and it’s okay if you don’t recognize the exact reply. There may be a thirty-day waiting period to get complete access to your account. Move to Restore Your Microsoft Account tips on how successfully get the security questions.

If you modify your security detail and have a thirty-days waiting period

If you observe an error message, we are not ready for you yet option once you try to access your Microsoft account, this can be a thirty-day waiting period after modifying your security details. For more details, observe security information and security codes.

If your profile is temporarily restricted

If you have observed a message that your profile is temporarily restricted, you might have detected spam or other fraudulent use of your Microsoft account, or content that harms Microsoft Terms of Use.

If you are visiting or using a new device

Microsoft also keeps an eye on the unusual login activity of your Microsoft account as someone else tries to log in to your account. If you are visiting to a new place or using a new device, you must ensure that it’s you.

Recover Microsoft Account Password with Local Account

Reset Microsoft Account Password

If you try to login into your computer with a local account but not a Microsoft account

The difference between Microsoft and local accounts is Microsoft account access all Microsoft apps, devices, and services while local accounts are operating on those devices you have made them. Because of it, your might have restored your Microsoft accounts but can’t handle accounts that are local to your device.

If you have lost the email address or text message you have accessed for your Microsoft account 

The blog Microsoft account doesn’t exist has new tips and advice to assist you to memorize your account information.

If you use a pin instead of a password to log in to your Windows 10 computer

Move to Pin login errors for tips on how to remodify your Pin.

How to Reset Windows 10 Account Password?

  • If you have lost your Microsoft account password, go through these methods.
  • If you don’t have a Microsoft account and lost your local account password, you can’t restore it. Instead, you require to reset your computer.
  • Go through the below steps to delete all your data, programs and settings.

Reset Microsoft Account Password

  1. Switch on your computer and choose the Power icon given in the bottom right-hand corner of the lock screen
  2. While catching down the Shift key, choose Restart
  3. Choose Troubleshoot, then Reset this computer, then remove everything on the Boot options menu
  4. Your computer will resume or remodify itself.

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Microsoft Online Password Reset Information

Once you use the above steps, you can easily reset your Microsoft account password. If you can’t implement it, call the Microsoft helpline number to get some accurate tips quickly.

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