Uninstall McAfee Internet Security from a Mac

McAfee VirusScan is an anti-virus program prepared for keeping Windows and Mac computers away from virus attachments. Through a well-known MacAfee on Mac have mixed reactions by users for its vicious system operation and control. In this write-up, you will learn how to securely and cleanly remove McAfee internet security from Mac. For detailed information, you have to visit the McAfee internet security download page.

Manually Uninstall McAfee Internet Security on Mac

It has become easy to uninstall McAfee internet security from Mac. Try to uninstall McAfee by dragging and dropping it to Trash with the McAfee antivirus deletion process. It’s because you will get junk files, residual McAfee components, and clueless contest menu parts on your Mac even you have thought to clean them. Go through the methods below to learn how to uninstall McAfee from your Mac.

  • Access finder, then Applications, then drag McAfee application to the Trash box.
  • Utilize a hidden shell script that will remove McAfee components. To perform so, just sign in to your Mac as an Admin user and try to execute the following command in the terminal usr/local/McAfee/uninstallMSC.
  • Once you enter it, nothing will appear in the window. Just enter it anyway and tap return to complete the uninstallation of McAfee on your Mac.


Basic Problems to Uninstall McAfee Mac

Sometimes, uninstalling McAfee on Mac is not always get going when required. A few common uninstalling errors causing trouble on Mac are mentioned below.

  • McAfee Data or Icon or Files or Contest Menu or Shortcuts associated with McAfee have been found for further use on your Mac.
  • McAfee manual removal on Mac requires advanced knowledge about how the file system operates. Otherwise, any wrong functions may create troubles on your Mac.


Uninstall McAfee on Your Windows Computer

  • Choose the control panel in the start menu
  • Press programs and features
  • Do a right-click on McAfee security center and choose to uninstall or change
  • Tick the checkboxes next to the McAfee security center and delete all files for this program
  • Tap remove to uninstall the app
  • Tap restart now to resume your system


Once your system restarts, McAfee’s internet security should be successfully uninstalled.

Uninstall McAfee Completely on Mac

The traditional method to uninstall McAfee on Mac needs advanced Mac knowledge. Use Omin Remover which is a professional McAfee for Mac uninstaller program designed to simplify all these troubles. To use Omni Remover is simple, go through steps to avoid McAfee on your Mac in less than a minute.


  • First of all, download, then install and access Omni remover on your Mac
  • At Omni Remover, press app uninstall, then press McAfee, and then clean uninstall
  • Omni Remover will begin to scan all McAfee data or files. Then, after completing scanning, tap clean uninstall to begin to uninstall McAfee on your Mac.

Can you remove McAfee deleted from your Mac with our tips given above? If you wish to uninstall McAfee internet security from a Mac, call the McAfee antivirus helpline number to get accurate tips. McAfee experts are fully trained, capable and professional to provide necessary assistance. McAfee customer care center is available 24/7 to provide you with accurate tips.

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